Comments about our leather belts from satisfied customers

Alex Barr

Just lovely to be able to buy proper British craftsmanship.

Ordering a custom length oak bark belt was simple, turnaround and communication all excellent.

The saddlery grade leather belt itself is just fantastic. A perfect fit, the slightly wider width means it looks just right with either jeans or chinos. The buckle is properly engineered with thick plating. The leather itself is just going to look better and better as it ages, unlike the cheap ‘split’ that passes for real leather on the high street. The ‘surprise’ extra in the box was a nice touch too.

A small premium for something this well made? Worth every penny.

Mark Rees-Williams

A totally pleasurable experience to choose and receive my second belt from Jasper – the first has been my daily companion for several years now and the quality shines through.

Mike L

I just received my new belt and it is absolutely wonderful! Like others, I looked in several men’s clothes and accessories shops for a new belt and couldn’t find anything of good enough quality – either the leather was thin or the buckle flimsy, or both.

Jasper Highet’s belts are a different story; amazing quality oak bark leather (that smell!), lovely solid brass buckles and beautiful craftsmanship. Really good customer service too, it was great to be able to call and discuss the ins and outs with Jasper before ordering. They may cost more than commonly available belts but are much, much nicer and I’m sure will last much longer too.

So I can’t recommend these handmade belts highly enough, and will be ordering another in black. Thank you for keeping traditional craftsmanship alive and producing such a great product!

Pascal I.M.

A quick thank you: I received both an oak bark and a sedgwick belt earlier this week, and they are both absolutely magnificent. Stunning craftsmanship, extraordinary leather quality – in short, these belts will stay with me for many years to come. I’ll be a returning customer for sure: one look, and my wife told me she wants one for herself as well.

Also, another big thank you on the customer service side of things: very quick turn-around time, excellent communication when the product was shipped, and the tracked Royal Mail shipping made dealing with customs easy as 1-2-3. Quality all round.

Philip Goldsmith

I needed to purchase a new belt but found that all the belts from even decent men’s shops were a poor quality. Luckily I found Handmade Leather Belts on the internet. The website is clear and it is easy to see the varied belts that are available. One tip – the more you use the leather balm and tthe polish, the more the belt glows! A real work of art.

Howard Ramsay-Smith

Dear Sir…..I have just received my belt and it is without question the nicest belt I have seen….the quality has to be seen up close to appreciate the standard of workmanship topped off with a proper heavy weight brass buckle….I am proud to own such a belt as this…..yours sincerely…Howard

Paul Way

My Oak Bark Belt-Bridle 1 1/4 inch black, size 36 inch is great. The stainless steel buckle is great. The quality of leather, the creasing, the stamping and length of the belt are great. I will be ordering a few more of different designs and colours. Interesting to know the leather is from the only remaining oak bark tannery in Britain. Good to wear top quality.


I love buying and owning quality products. My new belt is no exception. Lovely materials with wonderful craftsmanship.
I’ll never need another one as this belt will still be around when I’m long gone. Thank you

Paul Embden

I first saw & bought a Jasper Highet leather belt at Axminster tools, High Wycombe several years ago & was so struck with the quality & craftsmanship that I checked Jasper Highet out on the internet only to find that he produced a huge array of leather belts of different colours, sizes etc. Last week I was staying near Kilmington & decided to contact Jasper with regard to purchasing another belt. I was with my 9 year old grandson when we arrived at Jaspers workshop, we were welcomed in to be confronted by the most amazing artisan workshop. Jasper proceeded to show my grandson & I how he went about selecting a particular oak bark leather, how he stiched the keepers on the belt, cut the leather & marked & stamped each bespoke belt. It was a fantastic experience for my grandson & I. And I am indepted to Jasper for giving us his time & expert knowledge. I really can’t thank you enough Jasper.

Des Jarvis

Hi I just wanted to say how happy I am with my belt that came today. It is great and fantastic quality and I will be ordering another one soon regards
Des Jarvis

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