Paul Embden

I first saw & bought a Jasper Highet leather belt at Axminster tools, High Wycombe several years ago & was so struck with the quality & craftsmanship that I checked Jasper Highet out on the internet only to find that he produced a huge array of leather belts of different colours, sizes etc. Last week I was staying near Kilmington & decided to contact Jasper with regard to purchasing another belt. I was with my 9 year old grandson when we arrived at Jaspers workshop, we were welcomed in to be confronted by the most amazing artisan workshop. Jasper proceeded to show my grandson & I how he went about selecting a particular oak bark leather, how he stiched the keepers on the belt, cut the leather & marked & stamped each bespoke belt. It was a fantastic experience for my grandson & I. And I am indepted to Jasper for giving us his time & expert knowledge. I really can’t thank you enough Jasper.

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